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Winter is coming...

We are pleased that the lockdown light restrictions have been relaxed and that most people can get back to work. Fortunately we were still allowed to play golf and I also advise everyone who is symptoms-free to continue to do so. Exercise is good for your immune system and good health ensures a better protection against infections.

Now Bonaire is Code Orange, there are not many tourists. We all hope to go back to Code Yellow again and welcome everyone from around the world in our tropical paradise.

The first series taster courses were a great succes. A lot of the beginners moved on to follow-up courses, became trial members and some of them even played some tournaments already with the 'old guard'. It is great to see the interaction between the new recruits and the other members. With the activities for beginners during tournaments, we also strive for a better integration of all members, so that we can become one large, sociable club. The number of members of golf club Piedra So is increasing and that is good for all of us!

As you may know, we have poloshirts for sale with our logo. And now, we also have T-shirts(!), which were designed in collaboration with the well-known brand Hole. We also have caps of the same brand, and polos with a new design are on the way from the Netherlands. What is new is that all these articles also (with great pride!) mention the name of the golf club. And ofcourse, we also sell balls, tees and gloves.

I am happy that everything is going well and if we continue like this, there will be many more nice, sportive and fun days coming ahead!

If you have any questions you can contact me in many different ways. Via Facebook, Instagram, by telephone or via Whatsapp (+599 785 3232) or via e-mail.

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