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9 or 18 holes and 100% adventure

A person who would never let their golf shoes step on anything but crisp green grass might be a titbit disappointed at Piedra So. So what is to be expected? Our slogan, Authentic Caribbean Links Experience, sums it up pretty well: 18 unique holes, partly along the Caribbean Sea and partly surrounded by towering cactuses, in authentic Bonairian surroundings.

Hunderd percent adventure and playing golf the way golf started out: in a tread-down but very well designed wilderness. A straight tip for enthusiastic golfer who think they have seen every kind of course by now. A challenge? Yes! If your ball gets too far off the fairway, it will be lost; the steady stiff breeze will make the game more difficult but also wonderfully refreshing.

With a special course come special rules. You’re allowed to tee up anywhere and always have to give way to animals on the course. Nine out of eighteen greens are artificial grass, offering a beautiful contrast to the rest of the landscape. 

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